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Host the children's magic show London kids love. This theatrical and imaginative show redefines what a kid's magic show can be. Parents usually watch just as captivated as the children. The show is full of magic from start to finish as well as a puppetry and songs all wrapped up in a captivating story that keeps children spellbound.

The approach with his children's magic shows is to engage kids' imaginations rather than just hyping them up and getting them to go crazy for the whole party. We know that children's entertainment is usually known for its silly jokes and screaming madness but that is not the only way! Does this approach work? You'll know when you check out the children's magic shows testimonials page.  

Children laugh at the children's magic show London parents recommend.

"Thank you for giving Clara such a wonderful birthday party. We loved your magic show and the children did too."

- Nicola and Steven, Hampstead, London. Kids magic show London booking.

"Both my children were encouraged to help (something I didn't think they would be do so willingly)... his calm gentle nature was perfect to encourage participation. I would certainly recommend Christopher for parties!"

- M. Scupholme, Hampstead. Repeat booking client booked two of Christopher's children's magic show London.

"Thank you very much for the lovely show. Rasmus told everybody today how he made magic, he thinks that he has real magic in his palms. We would love to come to any upcoming children's magic shows."

- K. Rimsfield, Notting Hill Gate, London