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The Magical Island Show

Primary school magician shows

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The Magical Island magic show is a hit magician show for delivery in primary schools. London schools have a lot of children's magician shows to choose from so it's good to do your research before you book one in! This theatre-style show redefines what a children's magic show can be.

This show is suitable for primary school age ranges from Reception to Year 3 (from ages four to seven). What's more, teachers often say they were just as captivated as the children.

A magician show like none other

This primary school magician show of course has magic from start to finish, but what makes it special for schools is that the magic is also tied together with a narrative and songs especially composed for the act, plus linked with a stirring narrative with puppets to drive the story along.

The story is about a Magical Island with pirates, singing animals and fairy princesses who have been cast under the spell of the pirates. The children learn from the magician who lives on the island that they can break the spell of the pirates by not being afraid.

The show is particularly appropriate for primary school magician show because the approach is to engage children's imaginations during the show rather than just hyping them up and getting them to go crazy . Children's magicians are usually known for their silly jokes and screaming antics but it's not the only way. Does Christopher's approach work? You'll know if you check out the children's magic shows testimonials page.

This performer is CRB certified.

Teachers are delighted with the results of this show - you can read some of their testimonials below...

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"I've worked in a primary school for 25 years and so have seen more than my share of entertainers. I've never seen children as transfixed as they were with this show. You didn't lose them for a minute!"
-Mr. P. Pannell, Saw Christopher's magician show for 5 year old boys and girls


"Christopher captured the children's imaginations, taking them on an exciting journey into the realms of magic. He has a wonderful manner with the children, involving them in his activities to the extent that they were hanging onto his every word and action! We highly recommend Christopher's magic shows."
-Mrs. D. Davies, Wetherby Primary School, Notting Hill Gate, London
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'I was particularly impressed that although the afternoon was very lively and interactive it was also well controlled and organised. The children had great fun and were very keen to tell me how much they enjoyed themselves.'
-Mrs. E. Birkett-Evans, School Manager, Thomas's Primary School, Kensington, Primary school magician show booking


"The children at Paddington Green loved the show. It was a very special end to the term. The children were fully engaged and very excited to see all of the magic. They were talking about it for days after. I would highly recommend Christopher for any schools!"

-E Prichard, Paddington Green Primary School, booked The Magical Island for her school's magic show

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