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This London children’s magician act is perfect for ages four to seven and is a winning option on the menu of unique children’s party entertainment in London, available for shows in your home or party venue. London children’s entertainers and children's magicians are often known for their rude jokes while encouraging children to go crazy as they bounce off the walls of your home. Instead (perhaps by magic) this show keeps children entertained and completely captivated by engaging their vibrant imaginations.

The Magical Island is a children's magic show of course with magic from start to finish, all tied together by a beguiling adventure story about two children who find themselves on a magical island. There they meet a friendly cloaked magician and singing animal puppets who are all cast under the spell of the pirates who live there. The children's mission: to break the spell of the pirates!

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Children come up to help out and very often the magic happens right in their very own hands, all leading up to the story’s happy ending. The magic show lasts about 45-minutes usually followed by lunch or tea. Sometimes parents also wish to do a quick game before the party finishes. Here are some easy children's party game ideas that you might like!

Magical music as well!...

The music in this magic show has been especially composed for the act. It's totally unique as a musical magic show and the original songs grow out of the show to help tell the story. A studio-quality mp3 of the show's narrative and songs is also available as a souvenir for each child as a memorable gift for party bags that your little guests will love listening to for long after the party's done. More info, click London magician album.

Children’s Entertainer : Critically acclaimed!

This enchanting children's magician show is endorsed by Time Out’s London for Children and it has been featured as a magic show in primary schools throughout London as well as public events at Tate Britain, The Museum of Childhood and Stratford Circus Theatre. But you don’t need a theatre to book the show, just a living room and some wide-eyed children who love magic!

It’s also good to remember that the magician is a Member of the Magic Circle, a gifted storyteller and professional singer. Keep reading to see what other people say about this kids magician show

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NEWS: Recent performances as a children's magician throughout Greater London most recently in: Angel, Islington... Clapham, Hampstead, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Archway, Hammersmith, Hackney, Streatham, Maida Vale...


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